Astronomy and Esoteric Astrology

Crux and the Southern Gate - Malvin Artley
Solstices and Equinoxes: An Esoteric Perspective - Leoni Hodgson
The Solstice: Time and 'No Time' - Phillip Lindsay
Aries and the Cardinal Cross: Equinoxes and Solstices - Phillip Lindsay


Astrology of Manifestation and Abstraction - Niklas Nihlen
Esoteric Chinese Astrology: The Imperial Astrologer Astrologer - Malvin Artley

Geometry of the Logoic Personality - Judy Laws
Great Wheels - Michael D. Robbins
One About Whom Naught May Be Said - Michael D. Robbins
Sanat Kumara: Lord of Shamballa - Brett Mitchell
Searching for the Star in the East I - Peter Kubaska
Seven Constellations - Michael D. Robbins
Seven Solar Systems - Michael D. Robbins
Seven Solar Systems - Dialogue
Seven Forms of Light - Phillip Lindsay
Sirius - M. Temple Richmond
Solar System: A Cosmic Map of Logoic and Human Evolution - Patrick Mulcahy
Solar Tetractys - Brett Mitchell
Three Groups of Solar Angels - Peter Kubaska
Twelve Constellational Lives: Some Paradoxes Explored - Brett Mitchell
Zodiacal Wheels - Dialogue


The Labours of Hercules - Djwhal Khul and Alice A. Bailey
The Theogony - Hesiod
Virgo and Other Goddesses - Phillip Lindsay
Virgo:Demeter, Persephone and Pluto - Phillip Lindsay


Brahma: A compilation - Zac Rymill
Cycles and Zodiacs - Dialogue
Great Wheels - Michael D. Robbins
Manvantara: A compilaton - Zac Rymill
Mahamanvantara: A compilation - Zac Rymill
Pralaya: A compilation - Zac Rymill
The Great Wheel Turns and a New Age is Born - John A. Bellman (password:jep)
Thirty Six Year Cycle - David Kesten
Zodiac and Ray Cycles in Esoteric Astrology: Beginning of the Age of Aquarius - Phillip Lindsay

Healing and Esoteric Astrology

Acute Versus Chronic Disease: A Mars-Saturn Issue - Ingrid Naiman
Astro-Endocrinology - Ingrid Naiman (password:jep)

A Thousand Points of Light - Introduction to the Lesser Chakra System - Malvin Artley (password:jep)

Constitutional Type and Temperament - Ingrid Naiman

Energy Centre Effects during Cancer - Phillip Lindsay

Esoteric Anatomy - Alan Hopking
Esoteric Healing: A Modern Perspective - Jose Beccera (password:jep)
Esoteric Revelation of the Origin of Disease - Alan Hopking
Esoteric Treatment of Diseased Substance (Esoteric Healing) - Alan Hopking
Inhibitions, Suppressions and Repressions - Ingrid Naiman (password:jep)
Malefic or Benefic? (Mars-Saturn) - Ingrid Naiman
Monastic Moon: Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces - Ingrid Naiman
Seven Rays in Healing - Alan Hopking
Spirituality and Psychology: A Lunar Perspective - Ingrid Naiman
Storks and Stars: Astrological Fertility Cycle - Ingrid Naiman
Venus and Mars: Archetypal Symbols of the Pacifist and the Warrior - Ingrid Naiman
What is Medical Astrology? - Ingrid Naiman


Decision Initiation - Phillip Lindsay
Discipleship and Initiation - Dialogue
Leo, Sirius and Initiation - Phillip Lindsay

Initiation References in Esoteric Astrology - Compilation with Commentary
Initiations of Krishnamurti: An Astrological Biography - Phillip Lindsay

The Seven Rays

Applications of Esoteric Ray Theory to Manager/Organizational D'ment - John W. Cullen (password:jep)
Astrological Influences in 2003: The 6th and 7th Rays - Barbara Maré
Combinations of Soul Rays and Personality Rays - Michael D. Robbins (password:jep)
Considerations in Ray Determinations - Brad Berg (password:jep)
Esoteric Psychology: ExpandingTranspersonal Vision - Robert P. Turner (password:jep)
Esoteric Psychology and the Psychology of Motivation - Ron Newbold (password:jep)
Essences of the Rays - James Davis (password:jep)
Finding the Rays in a Person - Michael D. Robbins
Harmonized Fourth Ray - Andrew Johnson (password:jep)
Ray Analysis and the Horoscope - M. Temple Richmond
Ray Astrology: Extra-Zodiacal Energies & Transformation - David Keston & P. Pilsbury (password:jep)
Rays of Classical Greek Deities - Ron F. Newbold (password:jep)
Science of the Emotions - Keith Bailey (password: jep)
Seven Faces of Man (Rays and Physiognomy) - James Davis
Seven Rays: Relevance and Application in Therapy - Bala Jaison (password:jep)
Seven Rays and the Life Cycle - Richard Bryant-Jefferies (password:jep)
Unexplored Relationships Between the Seven Rays and Astrology: Part III - Michael D. Robbins (password:jep)